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Transforming your Content Supply Chain: Start small, Win Big!

Transforming your Content Supply Chain: Start small, Win Big!
Thursday, 30 November 2023

Better understanding of content and content insights are moving the vision of transforming and optimizing the content supply chain closer to reality. Learn how to lead your organization toward a data- driven approach to marketing using the “right content” with Kate Greengrove, head of U.S. commercial strategic operations and capabilities, GSK, and Kumar Saurabh, global lead for content transformation, ZS.

They’ll discuss how companies can:

  • Start small and bring incremental changes to the current ways of working
  • Use data and insights to create and use high-performing content
  • Predict content engagement even before deployment to enable better content planning .

Use of AI/ML in Life Sciences

Use of AI/ML in Life Sciences
Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Artificial intelligence is pushing the pharma industry forward, but where does the road go? Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are revolutionizing how pharma organizations operate to identify treatment-ready patients, accelerate drug discovery, size marketing, enhance post-launch promotional marketing, and much more. To put a spotlight on both the biggest benefits and concerns regarding the use of AI/ML in pharma, Definitive Healthcare reached out to pharma companies through an online survey conducted in July 2023. We learned from leaders, decision-makers, end-users, and other professionals how the use AI/ML today, and what their hopes and concerns are for the future to create the "September 2023 Industry Report: Use of AI/ML in Life Sciences".

During this webinar we’ll discuss some of these survey results and interviews and share our thoughts on the future of AI/ML in the future of pharma and the overall healthcare market. Webinar attendees can receive the full report and an opportunity to connect with our panelists in a follow-up conversation.

Orchestrating Omnichannel Measurement Approaches to Enable Outcomes-Driven, Personalized Campaigns

Orchestrating Omnichannel Measurement Approaches to Enable Outcomes-Driven, Personalized Campaigns
Wednesday, 23 August 2023

Pharma’s investment in digital has grown significantly in the last few years, fueled by the proliferation of digital channels and evolving customer preferences. This has made customer journeys very complex, with customers choosing how and where to interact with your brand in a unique and on-demand manner. With these trends in play, we must ensure a holistic measurement approach towards measuring and optimizing omnichannel campaigns.

In this webinar, we discuss orchestrating various analytical approaches, such as Marketing Mix Modeling, attribution modeling, and campaign analytics in tandem at varying cadences to enable outcomes-driven omnichannel campaigns. We will also discuss how Marketing Mix outputs must evolve to inform downstream Next Best Action recommendations.

Driving Commercial Success with AI: Build, Calibrate and Operationalize

Driving Commercial Success with AI: Build, Calibrate and Operationalize
Wednesday, 28 June 2023

In today’s cutthroat life sciences marketplace, commercial effectiveness in all its parts has never been so important. From field force effectiveness to optimization of promotional investment through to Next Best Action implementation, tailoring the customer experience through content and tactics is the focus. Cross-functional coordination across teams and operationalizing at scale are the goal. Come join Nabha Subramanya, VP of Data Science at Trinity Life Sciences and Anushank Anand, Director in Trinity’s Analytics practice, as they walk through the evolving omnichannel landscape and touch on the data science platforms and capabilities—as well as the “life sciences”-specific insights and expertise—that drive commercial success:

  • Building an ML ecosystem
  • Calibrating promotional strategies and campaigns in response to outcome and response metrics
  • Operationalizing your ML systems

How AI Is Revolutionizing Pharma Healthcare Data Analytics and Patient Care

How AI Is Revolutionizing Pharma Healthcare Data Analytics and Patient Care
Wednesday, 03 May 2023

Not only are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) two of the hottest buzzwords in the life science industry, but the underlying technology is changing the entire landscape of pharma, biopharma, and biotech. Increasingly, these companies are utilizing AI/ML analytics to inform decision making across the development lifecycle – reducing costs and shortening timelines associated with traditional data analysis.

In this session, industry experts will share how powerful AI / ML analytics can be used in pre- and post brand launch to provide treatments more quickly to patients, followed by specific applications to:

  • Identify early signs of disease
  • Speed up clinical trial patient recruitment
  • Predict patients likely to respond to treatment options
  • Monitor adverse events and side effects
  • Estimate high-risk and rare disease patients
  • Understand patient’s journey from multiple lenses
  • Maximize promotional marketing and budget allocation

Future of Pharma

Future of Pharma
Wednesday, 12 April 2023

The Pharmaceutical Industry is experiencing significant shifts across the value chain: from the increased focus on SDOH & health equity, to deep tech being embedded across touch-points; with new stakeholders & potential partnerships, emerging channels, the lasting pandemic effect on public distrust, compliance shifts and regulatory challenges; this is a time to Disrupt or Be Disrupted. We will share insights, action and provocations with relevance for Pharma companies exploring growth drivers, resilience through external changes and the application of AI, Data, Automation & Analytics.


  • Sagar Shah, Head, Pharma Practice & Responsible AI,

Uncovering Line Of Therapy (LoT) Insights for Improved HCP Engagement

Uncovering Line Of Therapy (LoT) Insights for Improved HCP Engagement
Wednesday, 22 March 2023

We will convene one or more life science analytics experts to explore the advantages of using commercial and Medicare data to understand patient journeys. The experts focused on cancer care/rare disease will discuss insights gained from time-based analysis and use it to find newly diagnosed patients and patients where disease progression has required changes in LoT.

The webinar will discuss the following questions:

  • Why is it important to follow the patient journey:
    • From pre-Medicare eligible to Medicare eligible?
    • From the first line of treatment to later lines of therapy?
  • How to evaluate the drugs in the market basket?
  • What’s the lookback period?
  • What are your best practices for asserting with combos or line switching?
  • How to leverage data to better manage provider outreach?


  • Ashish Patel, Chief Growth Officer and co-founder, CareSet
  • Amy Bamford, Business Development Director, CareSet
  • Tom Boulay, Deciphera, Senior Director of Commercial Insights

Role of AI/ML in Commercial Insights and Customer Engagement

Role of AI/ML in Commercial Insights and Customer Engagement
Wednesday, 08 February 2023

In today’s world of rapidly evolving analytics, legacy reporting and BI platforms hinder a company from using analytics to its full potential due to the associated technology barriers, limited capabilities and long development cycles. The promise of competitive differentiation is driving commercial organizations to invest in AI/ML powered analytics. Secondly, AI-powered insights coupled with enhanced user experience and productivity allow businesses to engage customers more effectively. As a result, there is an increase in AI adoption for meaningful business insights that are easier to access, faster and cost-effective compared to the legacy solutions.

Join us in this interactive panel discussion to hear from industry stalwarts how AI/ML/NLQ powered analytics enable accelerated insights and improve customer engagement for business success.

Key discussion points:

  • Business impact of democratized access to data insights and customer engagement
  • Role of AI/ML in the evolution of analytics: data integration at scale, expedited insights cycle and improved customer engagement
  • Key factors to consider for successfully utilizing AI/ML: richer data sources, 360 degree view and domain focus
  • Top themes for life sciences enterprises and commercial organizations for deploying AI/ML


  • Richard Clements, VP Marketing, WhizAI


  • Dharmesh Thakkar, Sr. Director - Commercial Operations, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
  • Stuart McGuigan, Senior Advisor, McKinsey & Co (former CIO Johnson and Johnson)
  • Manesh Naidu, Consultant

Using Patient Claims Data to Model & Risk Stratify the U.S. Asthma Population

Using Patient Claims Data to Model & Risk Stratify the U.S. Asthma Population
Sunday, 15 January 2023

Asthma presents a large burden to the U.S. healthcare system:

  • Estimated prevalence of 26 million
  • Annual health expenditure of approximately $50B
  • Severe flare-ups account for 1.7 million emergency department visitsannually

An unmet need for more advanced treatment persists.

In this webinar, Pfizer and Veeva will discuss how they modeled asthma exacerbation risk factors. Using longitudinal medical and pharmacy claims data, they investigated:

  • The landscape of asthma in the U.S.
  • COVID-19-related trends
  • Which risk factors predict asthma exacerbations across all providersettings

Their findings show how patient data can be integral to identifying the right patient sub-groups for drug development and to inform better disease management strategies for patients.


  • Andres Quintero, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A., Global Medical Affairs Director, Glucocorticoid Portfolio Lead, Pfizer
  • Patryk Skowron, Ph.D., Data Scientist, Veeva Systems - Commercial Analytics

Keeping Omnichannel Marketing Analytics Simple

Keeping Omnichannel Marketing Analytics Simple
Thursday, 08 December 2022

The amount of data available across marketing channels has exploded in recent times, leading to information overload without true insights. Our panel of experts with extensive experience in storytelling and insight mining will discuss how complex data can deliver easily understandable insights that drive action.


  • Robert (Bob) Allen, Lead, Worldwide Engagement & Channel Planning, US/Canada Oncology at Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Lisa Hernandez, Senior Director, US Omnichannel Marketing, Daiichi Sankyo Inc.
  • Siva Tallavajhala, Director, Omnichannel Mktg Innovation & Development COE, Menarini-Stemline
  • Vandana Singh, Principal, Omnichannel Practice, Axtria
  • Devesh Verma, Principal, Omnichannel expert, Axtria

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