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Patient Data Applications Across Product Lifecyle

Sponsored by Strategic Research Insights, Inc. (SRI) 

November 11, 2020   |   12:00 PM ET

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Presenters:   Harshad Chiddarwar, Director Strategic Research Insights, Inc.

Anonymized Patient Level Data (APLD) has been gaining popularity in recent times in commercial analytics. Since it provides rich longitudinal patient history, it is routinely used to understand patient journey, payor dynamics, and define HCP targeting strategies.

However, this is only scratching the surface when it comes to realizing the full potential of the data asset. Patient Claims Data has many applications across various stages of the product lifecycle, right from pre-clinical stage to loss of exclusivity.

This data can be used to guide strategic decisions such as acquisition of pre-clinical assets and can aid in identifying geographic concentration of patients of interest for enrollment into clinical trials. 

Anonymized Patient Data also offers what traditional HCP level Rx data is unable to offer – estimating the “Potential Opportunity” for your product among different providers.  Machine Learning models that predict volume of patients in different stages of a disease across different time intervals are useful in targeting HCPs that have the larger volume of specific types of patients of interest.  This enables precise targeting of HCPs for sales and marketing efforts, as well as customization of messaging based on prescription and referral patterns, particularly at launch.

When combined with call and promotional activity data, it can be used to measure campaign and message effectiveness, responsiveness to new communication channels, and to design near real-time tactics to gain and maintain market share. This is particularly critical in today’s times when sales reps are unable to meet with physicians in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

SRI has unique expertise in leveraging Anonymized Patient Data across all stages of the drug life cycle. To learn more, join us at the webinar on Nov 11, 2020.