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Shorten Cohort Definition Times for RWE/HEOR Projects with Iterative Web-speed Creation and Visual Comparison of Patient Populations
May 6, 2020
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Presenters: Jason Bhan, MD, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Prognos Health
Kristian Kaufmann, PhD, Principal Data Scientist, Prognos Health
Using traditional methods, defining, analyzing, comparing, and finalizing a cohort of patients for HEOR and RWE analysis can often take months, impacting the ability to answer questions. Today, advanced technology, including AI and machine learning, enables a user to define and instantly generate a cohort including descriptive statistics such as age/gender distributions, patient counts, record counts, test, diagnosis, and Rx volumes, geographic distributions, and more. The ability to quickly adjust cohort definitions in a user-friendly format can also reduce the time it takes to understand results and their impact on the given analysis.
In this webinar, you’ll understand how advanced platform technologies can shorten the time it takes to create cohort definitions and iterate on cohort variables with output formats that meet unique business needs — such as charts, graphs, box plots, Sankey plots, and more. We’ll also look at:
  • Patient journey discovery
  • Real time cohort comparison
  • Provider relationship graphs

Combine Advanced Analytics and Real-World Data to Accurately Identify Treatment Drivers
May 27, 2020
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Presenters: Srikanth Katasani, Principal Consultant, D Cube Analytics
Swetank Gupta, Associate Consultant, D Cube Analytics
Use of advanced analytics has been widely accepted by pharma companies in both drug discovery and development phases as well as for developing commercialization strategies. With the growing richness of new-age data sources like Real-world data, the application of advanced analytics has become relevant in place of conventional analytical methods.

In this webinar, we will be taking you through the application of advanced analytical techniques in building deeper understanding of a therapeutic area by analyzing the patient, provider and disease related factors that are driving treatment choices. We will be discussing the complexities that exist in Real-world data sources and how to systematically navigate through the same in making them analytics-ready. We will also be covering best practices in utilizing popular unsupervised classification techniques.

Better Supporting Commercial Needs in RWE and Omnichannel Strategies with Clinically-Informed Analytics
June 3, 2020
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Presenters: Heather von Allmen, VP, HEOR/RWE, Prognos Health
Melissa Leonhauser, VP Life Sciences Product Strategy, Prognos Health
Access to patient clinical insights in RWE applications — from cohort building to patient journeys — will strengthen commercial tactical execution. This session will focus on how to complement existing patient data assets with insights derived from comprehensive clinical lab test values. Tactics discussed range from field force effectiveness to the unique time-value of clinical applications in omni-channel strategies.

Elevate Your Market Access Intelligence to Identify Targetable Payer and Provider Segments
June 24, 2020
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Presenters: Keshav Kabra, Principal Consultant, D Cube Analytics
Ajitha Surendran, Consultant, D Cube Analytics
The increasing costs of drugs in the US is a growing concern for payers. Customarily, payers were less willing to confine the market access of drugs that address perilous conditions like cancer; however, as newer and more efficacious treatments have become available, payers have begun to concentrate on strategies to abridge the expense of specialty drugs. Along with payers, provider organizations are also playing a significant role in driving therapeutic choice and managing the cost of specialty drugs. To respond to this evolving landscape, pharma companies need strong and novel analytics approaches to understand how payers and providers are driving drug utilization.

In this webinar, we will be taking you through how to target the right payers and providers and optimize contracting strategies for each of them by leveraging formulary, sales and real-world data. We will also be discussing how pharma companies can enhance contracting strategies across a portfolio of drugs by analyzing the utilization management patterns of payers, level of competition, market dynamics, etc.

Leverage Real World Data for Building Robust Inputs for a Successful Forecasting Model
July 27, 2020
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Presenters: Vishnu Prashanth, Principal Consultant, D Cube Analytics
Ajitha Surendran, Consultant, D Cube Analytics
To make any successful forecasting model, the first step is to identify the key supporting metrics required to build an accurate forecast model. The conventional data sources (e.g. chart audit, survey data) present only a small part of the very big picture, where a lot of indirect factors affect the share of the drug, thus limiting the insights and scope of the analysis. Real-world data can be the supplementary evidence, if not the substitute for conventional data sources, in increasing the confidence of forecasting inputs.

In this webinar, we will be discussing how to efficiently merge information from both real-world data and secondary research data and build robust KPIs which can support development of an efficient forecasting model.

Speaker Biographies
Swetank Gupta is Associate Consultant at D Cube Analytics, and has over 4 years of experience in working with Real-world evidence data on numerous therapeutic areas to generate key insights at the patient level assisting in different stages of product life cycle. His work includes implementing effective use of RWD data across different business teams based on their functional needs.

Srikanth Katasani is Principal Consultant at D Cube Analytics, where he is responsible for leading high-performance teams in the areas of Commercial Analytics and Reporting. In his career spanning 8+ years, he has helped many Pharma and Healthcare companies plan and realize their data analytics journey.

Keshav Kabra is a Principal Consultant at D Cube Analytics. In his 6 years of experience in BI and pharma industry, he has worked with multiple client engagements to translate the spectrum of Pharmaceutical Datasets into actionable insights and helped them in making data driven decisions.

Vishnu Prashanth is a Principal Consultant at D Cube Analytics, has 5+ years of Industry experience in Primary market research, Analytics & Consulting. Vishnu has worked on multiple Oncology TAs, Psychiatry, Neurology, Cardiology, and Sleep disorder based projects.

Ajitha Surendran is a Consultant at D Cube's India office. She has 5 years of experience in providing analytical business solutions to many Pharma and Healthcare clients. Her key areas of expertise include APLD analytics, market opportunity analysis, promotional effectiveness tracking and primary market research.