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Leverage Real World Data for Building Robust Inputs for a Successful Forecasting Model
July 29, 2020   |   12:00 PM ET
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Presenters: Vishnu Prashanth, Principal Consultant, D Cube Analytics
Ajitha Surendran, Consultant, D Cube Analytics
To make any successful forecasting model, the first step is to identify the key supporting metrics required to build an accurate forecast model. The conventional data sources (e.g. chart audit, survey data) present only a small part of the very big picture, where a lot of indirect factors affect the share of the drug, thus limiting the insights and scope of the analysis. Real-world data can be the supplementary evidence, if not the substitute for conventional data sources, in increasing the confidence of forecasting inputs.

In this webinar, we will be discussing how to efficiently merge information from both real-world data and secondary research data and build robust KPIs which can support development of an efficient forecasting model.

Revisiting Commercial Analytics for Effective Customer Engagement in the New Normal
August 5, 2020   |   12:00 PM ET
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Presenters: Krishnan Raman, Director, Indegene
Debasish Das, Sr. Manager, Indegene
Tarun Shukla, Engagement Manager, Indegene
The COVID-19 crisis has upended 2020 commercial priorities and budgets, leaving many pharma organizations searching for a customer engagement strategy that can operate in the New Normal. Pharma organizations need to succeed with a new commercial model by improving planning, coordination, and resource optimization in a way that ensures sales, marketing, and customer excellence are truly recalibrated to the current situation and contribute significantly to profits. While sales rep enablement for remote or virtual meetings is important, winning in the New Normal would require deep content, technology, data, and analytics capabilities across personal and digital interactions.

In this webinar, we will be discussing about how the pharma sales and marketing landscape is evolving and the critical strategic planning and executional capabilities required for next-gen commercial operations. We will also share a new unified approach towards driving sales and marketing analytics consisting of the following key components: Customer Strategy, Channel and Content Strategy, Unified Marketing Mix, Digital Call Planning and Sequencing, Deployment and Execution, and Measurement Planning.

The Tokenization of Non-Traditional Data, RWE, and Machine Learning: Improving Patient Outcomes at Scale
August 26, 2020   |   12:00 PM ET
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Presenters: John Garcia, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Jonathan Woodring, Executive Vice President and General Manager, IPM.ai
Classical approaches to market sizing, patient journey, patient finding, etc. all begin with a common assumption: that combinations of medical and Rx claims at the patient level can be deduced and combined to create a de-identified patient level cohort to anchor analysis. However, as the pharma landscape shifts from one dominated by primary care markets with high prevalence and a plethora of launch blueprints to draw upon, to one where diffuse specialty markets with low prevalence and a lack of analogs to anchor launch strategy, this assumption rarely holds true and creates significant commercialization challenges. This conundrum is particularly acute in Rare Diseases, where only about 500 of 7,000 have a diagnostic code in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), 10th revision.

However, the combination of sponsored genetic testing, the democratization of de-identified patient level healthcare data, the rise of tokenization across entities in the healthcare eco-system, and pharma’s reluctant embrace of Machine Learning, finally enables the clinical promise of precision medicine to become an analytical reality. In this session, we provide an overview of tokenization and integration with RWE data, and share a case study anchored in patient outcomes, where the above obstacles were overcome to effectively facilitate diagnosis for 66 previously un-diagnosed patients.

Speaker Biographies
Debasish Das is a Senior Manager at Indegene, and has 12+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing analytics, focusing on pharma & healthcare industry. His key areas of expertise include Sales Force Effectiveness, Marketing Mix analysis, Forecasting, Customer strategy for both developed and emerging markets across various therapeutic areas. At Indegene, his team’s current focus is building & delivering solutions on commercial digital analytics for multiple clients.

John Garcia is the Global & US Business Operations Lead at Alnylam, a rare disease company focused on the development and commercialization of RNAi based therapeutics. Before Alnylam, John spent his time leading many different commercial teams in biopharma, starting a med device company, and consulting with a host of early stage ventures in life sciences. Prior to John’s life sciences career he was an active duty Marine Officer and retired as a Marine Infantry Major.

First, John is a father and husband to his wife of 15 years, Elizabeth, and their four children, Zoe, JT, Gunnar, and Alex. In his free time he goes to work…

John holds degrees from Berkeley and the United States Naval Academy and has done coursework at Brown, Stanford, and University of North Carolina.

Krishnan GKR is a Director at Indegene with 17+ years of experience in enabling global marketers deliver data driven strategies. He brings holistic experience in sales & marketing through cross-industry experience in consumer & customer initiatives, digital engagements, campaign management & specialized product sales across multiple domains. He has consulted and helped various top tier pharma organizations in defining and delivering new age digital commercial solutions. He and his team at Indegene are currently developing sophisticated AI/ML solutions that can help pharma leaders deliver personalized experience for their customers and improve commercial outcomes.

Keshav Kabra is a Principal Consultant at D Cube Analytics. In his 6 years of experience in BI and pharma industry, he has worked with multiple client engagements to translate the spectrum of Pharmaceutical Datasets into actionable insights and helped them in making data driven decisions.

Vishnu Prashanth is a Principal Consultant at D Cube Analytics, has 5+ years of Industry experience in Primary market research, Analytics & Consulting. Vishnu has worked on multiple Oncology TAs, Psychiatry, Neurology, Cardiology, and Sleep disorder based projects.

Tarun Shukla is an Engagement Manager at Indegene. He has spent majority of his 9 years of professional career in advising various Fortune 500 clients to solve complex business problems utilizing data driven strategies. He has also led various consulting / diagnostic projects for pharma clients defining methodologies for digital content reuse assessment, content diagnostics, digital operations maturity etc. His areas of expertise also include business solutioning and client engagements.

Ajitha Surendran is a Consultant at D Cube's India office. She has 5 years of experience in providing analytical business solutions to many Pharma and Healthcare clients. Her key areas of expertise include APLD analytics, market opportunity analysis, promotional effectiveness tracking and primary market research.

Jonathan Woodring, EVP & GM, IPM.ai ,has spent the last 15+ years of his career building high performing teams and companies in the healthcare and life sciences industries, with a passion for driving commercial innovation in the intersection of data proliferation and technological advancement. At IPM.ai, his team’s current focus is around artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, making the clinical promise of precision medicine an analytical reality.

Prior to joining IPM.ai, Jonathan spent 6 years at marketRx/Cognizant where he led a global team focused on large-scale commercial transformation consulting engagements in the life sciences space, and spearheaded the establishment of the healthcare analytics practice. Most recently, he spent 3 years at Symphony Health Solutions (lead up to successful acquisition) as a Senior Principal in the Commercial Effectiveness practice.

As a thought leader in the space, Jonathan is a regular presenter at leading industry conferences—most recently at Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), as well as at the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) and National Organization for Rare Disease (NORD)—on the topic of leveraging de-identified patient level data and machine learning to identity undiagnosed rare disease patients, and improving healthcare outcomes at scale.